There is message text and background color, sound alarms being used in JTDX for notifications. User can set up criteria and notifications in ‘Notifications’ tab of the settings.

There are several criteria can be used, listed in the priority order:
- new DXCC country
- new grid square
- new callsign.

It is possible to check each ‘New one’ criterion per band and/or per mode.


JTDX checking decoded message against each selected by user criterion in priority order and using data from the wsjtx_log.adi file, if there is not any criterion met then decoded message will be considered as ‘worked before’. ‘Worked before’ notification is based on the residual principle and is being triggered depending on the selected by user ‘new one’ criteria.

‘New one’ notification color corresponding to the first criterion met in the priority order.

‘Worked before’ notification (‘Highlight worked ones’) has options to strike or underline decoded message, user can block displaying ‘worked before’ message in the band activity/RX frequency windows (‘don’t show it’).


Color, background and font of message/notification.

User can select various colors of message text for type of received message and background colors for criteria notification. The same color is being used for per band and per mode notifications.

Supported types of received messages: CQ messages, messages with user’s callsign, other standard messages.


In this table columns are criteria and rows are type of message. There are mandatory notifications for transmitted message (background color only), received CQ messages and messages containing user’s callsign.

Optionally user can activate notifications to other types of the standard messages (‘Check other standard messages’).

For each criterion user can select background color, text color to each type of message.


Additionally bold font is being used for displaying messages with the ‘New one’ notifications.

Received messages with user’s callsign have red or blue marker at end of the message.
Blue marker is being used to notify that received message belongs to the QSO in progress (QSO party’s callsign is in the DX Call window), red marker is being used to notify on incoming call (callsign in the message is not found in the DX Call window).

func3 1

Background/text color inversion.

If needed user can use background color notification for various types of the decoded messages: option ‘Inverse text/background color’ will swap text and background colors.


Sound notifications.

Audio device set in the operating system as default one is being used for sound notifications in JTDX. If there is a single audio device in MS Windows operating system it is always set there as default one.
User have to use for notifications audio device that is not being used for signal transmission in JTDX to avoid making QRM on the band.
System sound is being used for notifications, in Windows 7 and newer versions of MS Windows user can select audio file for playing system sound.

JTDX supports sound notifications to selected criteria ‘New one’ (‘beep as well’), to decoded messages with user’s callsign (‘beep on my call’) and to first decoded message in the received period (‘beep on 1st decoded message’).


Also in main window interface user can select sound notification to the wanted callsign, a decoded message from callsign selected by user will trigger sound alert.