We hope that community members will join us for further JTDX development bringing new languages into software.

Language templates are updated, related JTDX source code 156-rc11 as of April 12th, 2021 can be downloaded from this link: jtdx_translated_156rc11.zip

We strongly recommend to use QtLinguist software for making translation in .ts file, in our opinion it is quite comfortable to work with and keeping correct file structure:

.ts files being used in JTDX code for translation from default English to any other language.
Text in translation files shall be UTF8 encoded.

In /translations folder just copy jtdx_en_US.ts as template file to your language file jtdx_xx_XX.ts (where xx_XX is locale you can found with Google, for instance search 'locale for Portugal' gives result pt_BR for Brazil and pt_PT for Portugal).
We have got ready templates for French jtdx_fr_FR.ts, German jtdx_de_DE.ts and Italian jtdx_it_IT.ts languages in source code.

Change with text editor third line in .ts file to match your locale, for instance for Polish language:
<TS version="2.1" language="pl_PL">

Now you can open translation file with Linguist software and edit it. Try to keep translated string length not greater than English one, especially for mainwindow UI controls.

In this mainwindow.cpp action block name 'English' shall also be replaced with the selected language name in addition to text translation:

"Confirm change Language"
"Are You sure to change UI Language to English, JTDX will restart?"

Please contact to JTDX development team if you would like to contribute new language and we will do all needed changes in the code and UI to support new .ts file, each language shall have own coordinator and we can accept .ts files from coordinators only.


Current .ts files handling:

Brazilian Portuguese by Mateus PP5FMM
Catalan by Xavi EA3W
Chinese languages by Sze-To VR2UPU
Croatian by Patrik 9A5CW
Danish by Michael 5P1KZX
Dutch by Henk PA2S
Estonian by Arvo ES1JA
French by Jean-Claude F1DSZ
Hungarian by Alajos HA3LI
Italian by Lenio IZ5ILJ
Japanese by Nobuhiro Ota JA2BQX
Polish by Tomasz SP2L
Portuguese by Victor CT1AXS
Russian by Victor R3BB
Spanish by Edmundo CE2EC
Swedish by Roger SM0LTV



 JA translation


Spanish translation


Italian translation


Portuguese translation


Russian translation